Filip Velickovski’s PhD thesis defended under 1000001 Labs’ supervision

Filip Velickovski presents his thesis on “clinical decision support for screening, diagnosis and assessment of respiratory diseases“, using “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as a use case”. The motivation behind the thesis is related to the negative impact of COPD on human society: – COPD is caused by inhalation of irritants – mainly tobacco smoking; – […]

1000001 Labs @ the INSPIRE Conference 2016

The INSPIRE Directive aims to create a European Union spatial data infrastructure for the purposes of EU environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment. This European Spatial Data Infrastructure will enable the sharing of environmental spatial information among public sector organisations, facilitate public access to spatial information across […]

1000001 Labs @ #CitSciChatEs : sostenibilidad y financiación de la ciencia ciudadana

En el contexto del Observatorio de la Ciencia Ciudadana se llevan a cabo sesiones de trabajo online en Twitter, cada día 15 de mes. En la siguiente sesión temática participa como panelista Luigi Ceccaroni, de 1000001 Labs:  15 septiembre:  sostenibilidad y financiación de ciencia ciudadana   Te invitamos a unirte; solo tienes que usar el hashtag #CitSciChatEs.  En horario de 12-13 […]

Luigi Ceccaroni (1000001 Labs) and Eduard Estivill @ the “Sports and science: a fruitful collaboration” roundtable

El coloquio organizado por la FNOB con motivo del Día Mundial de los Océanos congregó a los científicos que participaron en la edición de la Barcelona World Race 2014/15, quienes expusieron los puntos fundamentales de los trabajos de investigación realizados en la regata. La pasada edición de la Barcelona World Race selló una alianza sin […]

1000001 Labs @ the First International ECSA Conference 2016

We are always surprised by the events we attend; and the First International ECSA Citizen Science Conference, held on May 19–21, 2016 in Berlin, was a complete, surprising success. It gathered policy makers, scientists, non-governmental organizations and other interested citizens in a transdisciplinary environment in the field of citizen science, which is the work undertaken by […]

1000001Labs @ Deconstruction of the Maker Manifesto

On January 30th 2016, Elena Jurado from 1000001Labs participated in a full-day session to critically analyse the Maker Movement Manifesto, together with important actors of the maker ecosystem from Barcelona and Madrid. The main idea of the meeting was to provide a deep criticism of the nowadays validity of the Maker Manifesto. In short, the […]

Abrir la puerta a la ciencia ciudadana en centros educativos

Una propuesta para ““.   Esta propuesta quiere ser una puerta de entrada a la ciencia ciudadana en centros educativos, y permitiría a los estudiantes participar en el proceso de investigación científica. Esta propuesta incluiría una plataforma tecnológica con la que los estudiantes pueden compartir datos (recogidos, por ejemplo, en forma de fotos en su […]

1000001 Labs @ the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

In recent years marine observation based on volunteer participation, an example of citizen science, has provided environmental data with unprecedented resolution and coverage. The citizen-science–based approach has the additional advantages of engaging people, raising awareness and increasing knowledge of marine environmental problems. The technological advances in embedded systems and sensors enable citizens to create their […]