1000001Labs @ Deconstruction of the Maker Manifesto


On January 30th 2016, Elena Jurado from 1000001Labs participated in a full-day session to critically analyse the Maker Movement Manifesto, together with important actors of the maker ecosystem from Barcelona and Madrid. The main idea of the meeting was to provide a deep criticism of the nowadays validity of the Maker Manifesto. In short, the Maker Movement talks about the importance of the individuals to build their own solutions, mixing engineering-oriented pursuits such as electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, and more traditional activities such as metalworking, woodworking, and arts and crafts


The outcome of the meeting was the skeleton for a book edited by Convent de Sant Agustí called Deconstrucción del Manifesto Maker. Elena Jurado, research partner from 1000001 Labs, is the author of the APRENDER chapter from the book Deconstrucción del Manifesto Maker, which is going to be openly available in the next months.


We advocate that the maker movement has to evolve from a “Do-it-Yourself” perspective to a more cooperative, or “Do-it-Together” perspective. Sometimes, the maker spaces such as Hacklabs, Fablabs, etc., suffer from a philosophy centred exclusively in individual outcomes, and act without collaborating with other institutions. Many of those criticisms are brilliantly presented in Leah Buechley’s presentation (https://vimeo.com/110616469). We emphasize a criticism to the Maker actual Manifesto from an educational point of view, taking into account our experiences in dissemination of participatory science such as KdUINO. We hope that our contribution will help to reflect on the evolution of the Maker Movement.