A personal message from co-founder Luigi Ceccaroni

Dear friends, Early next month, I will be stepping away from my day-to-day responsibilities at 1000001 Labs, but will be continuing as President of the cooperative. I will be taking on the role of Research Impact Manager at Earthwatch. I love the 1000001 Labs team, and remain committed to our mission to study artificial intelligence solutions […]

1000001 Labs @ the XXIII Spanish Conference of Ornithology

The “Spanish Conference of Ornithology” is held on November 2-5, 2017 in Badajoz. 1000001 Labs is present on November 4th in the roundtable on Citizen Science.  This is a scientific event with researchers, ornithologists, students, professors and all kind of people interested in birds.  Luigi Ceccaroni presents The role of interoperability in encouraging participation in citizen science. The program […]

New paper: Defining principles for mobile apps and platforms development in citizen science

The report from two workshops, a workshop on analysing apps, platforms, and portals for citizen science projects in December 2016 and a second workshop held in April 2017 has evolved into an open peer-review paper on RIO Journal. The workshops and the paper came to life mainly thanks to the effort of Soledad Luna and Ulrike Sturm, and the contribution of 1000001 Labs‘ Luigi […]

1000001 Labs @ Impact Journey 2017

A warm thank you to Michael Collan who led the documentation of a great journey in Ragunda, Sweden. We had the pleasure of spending a few days with Peter Ladan as our guide on our journey in Ragunda, where he took the time to introduce us to local entrepreneurs, as well as enabling us to […]

1000001 Labs @ the Commons Collaborative Economies Forum 2017

The Commons Collaborative Economies Forum 2017 has been a collective, co-creation effort that has involved more than 300 people in the meeting, plus those that followed by streaming, uniting knowledge and actions for a commons-oriented collaborative economy. During the meeting we have identified new ways of articulating and growing the sector. We have discussed and explored […]

1000001 Labs @ the second workshop on apps and platforms for citizen science

On April 25-27, 2017, a broad range of civic educators, citizen scientists, social scientists and other interested individuals met at University of Gothenburg for the second ECSA workshop on apps and platforms for citizen science. The three-day workshop was packed with practitioner talks, discussions, working groups and other activities to share people’s experiences and knowledge […]

One million and one maps

This is 1000001 Labs’ community feature related to urban spatial research, and nature-based solutions in cities. Urban mapping is not only about nice pictures, it is also about environment monitoring, bringing with it citizen science, satellite images and powerful tools of spatial analysis! Citizen-science communities have already used mapping quite successfully, and we have some […]

1000001 Labs @ the “ENERGIC” COST Action’s meeting in Siena on citizen science & volunteered geographic information

On November 24th and 25th, the workshop “Crowdsourced information & Citizen science: criticalities and futures” is the last activity of the COST Action IC1203 ENERGIC [www.vgibox.eu] and is organised by Cristina Capineri, from Università di Siena, and prof. Juhani Kettunen, from the Finnish Environment Institute (Finland). The aim of the workshop is to highlight the […]

1000001 Labs @ the Citizen Science Day 2016 in Barcelona

The “Citizen Science Day” conference is held on November 18th at Centre Cívic Joan Oliver – Pere Quart (Les Corts), in Barcelona. 1000001 Labs is present with two abstracts.   Luigi Ceccaroni presents Citclops/EyeOnWater @ Vendée Globe: an observatory for ocean optical monitoring. Citclops/EyeOnWater @ Barcelona – Citizen science day 2016 from Luigi Ceccaroni   Citclops/EyeOnWater @ Vendée Globe is a […]