A personal message from co-founder Luigi Ceccaroni

Dear friends,

Early next month, I will be stepping away from my day-to-day responsibilities at 1000001 Labs, but will be continuing as President of the cooperative.

I will be taking on the role of Research Impact Manager at Earthwatch.

I love the 1000001 Labs team, and remain committed to our mission to study artificial intelligence solutions to manage environmental data, and to advance initiatives on citizen science data and metadata standardization and interoperability.

In 2013, I worked on my first citizen-science project, Citclops, which I wrote together with Jaume Piera. This 5 000 000 euro project led the growth of the citizen observatories all over Europe, and contributed to the establishment of citizen science as a new strong field of research and innovation.

During the past years, we worked on many other projects, and we are grateful to have found so many trusted partners with whom to build the foundations of modern citizen science.

In recent months I have been thinking about my broader interests, including environmental science and artificial intelligence, which are my roots and helped launch 1000001 Labs and improve the citizen-science field.

I now plan to dedicate more of my time toward growing the impact of environmental research. I will be joining Earthwatch, headquartered in Oxford, to help research-impact analysis for citizen science and sensor development, with an initial focus on the potential integration of new tools in environmental monitoring.

Education, AI and the environment have been longstanding passions for me. I believe some of my skills will allow me to make a strong contribution to the latter now.

Also, in my continuing role as member of the Board of Directors of the European Citizen Science Association, and chair of the working group to improve data standardization and interoperability of the COST Action “Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe”, I will work to make sure that citizen science will continue to grow and thrive.

In 2013, the small team at 1000001 Labs had made a commitment to always put the citizens of planet Earth first. This mantra continues to drive the work at 1000001 Labs, and I look forward to continue to serve citizens and the environment worldwide.

Luigi Ceccaroni
Co-founder, research lead and innovation manager at 1000001 Labs