1000001 Labs @ the “ENERGIC” COST Action’s meeting in Siena on citizen science & volunteered geographic information

On November 24th and 25th, the workshop “Crowdsourced information & Citizen science: criticalities and futures” is the last activity of the COST Action IC1203 ENERGIC [www.vgibox.eu] and is organised by Cristina Capineri, from Università di Siena, and prof. Juhani Kettunen, from the Finnish Environment Institute (Finland).

The aim of the workshop is to highlight the connections and linkages between crowdsourced information and citizen science in a critical way, namely focusing both on the lessons learnt after the four-year activity of COST ENERGIC and on future exploitation of crowdsourced information for policy and for a more sustainable society. Here is the programme.

The main topics that the Workshop will address are:
● participation methods (e.g. gamification);
● data quality and trust;
● demographics of participation (gender and age);
● integration of volunteered geographic information (VGI) data with other sources of information;
● organisational aspects of Citizen Science projects;
● application of VGI & Citizen Science in education;
● knowledge transfer to institutions;
● the role of crowdsourced information & citizen science for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Juhani Kettunen (Finnish Environment Institute) presents Societal benefits of crowdsourced information in education and The LakeWiki project as a platform for CS, on Thursday, November 24th.

Gianfranco Gliozzo (UCL) presents When VGI meets Citizen Science.

Imre Lendak (Novi Sad University) presents Data integration challenges in crowdsourced projects.

Luigi Ceccaroni (1000001 Labs) presents Towards an ontology of citizen science: the representation of crowdsourced information, on Friday, November 25th.


Andrea Sforzi (Museo di Storia Naturale della Maremma di Grosseto) presents Highlights from ECSA.