We are one million and one labs

2013.12.02. 1000001 Labs is a cooperative specialized in advanced systems of decision support, recommendation, personalization and Internet of Things applied to the marine-environment and healthcare domains. The research staff includes the current principal investigator and coordinator of an FP7 project about a citizens’ observatory for coast and ocean optical monitoring and experts in the area of Internet of Things.


Why a cooperative?

One of the great values of businesses of cooperative nature is the ability to manage, as a fundamental principle of organizational work: education, training and information for their members and for the society.

What is sought in the cooperatives is to generate awareness among owners and users about the importance of the association of individuals to generate conditions of welfare and quality of life. In addition to the above, cooperatives allow to develop: greater user participation in all democratic forms permitted by the cooperative model and the self-management of work.

In cooperatives, associated individuals participate democratically in all socioeconomic processes developed by the company and continuously learn concepts, techniques and management tools that allow them to manage their organization efficiently and legitimately.

¿Por qué una cooperativa?

Uno de los grandes valores de las empresas de naturaleza cooperativa es la capacidad de gestionar, como principio fundamental de su quehacer organizacional, ejercicios de educación, formación e información para sus asociados y para la sociedad.

Lo que se busca en las cooperativas es generar conciencia entre sus dueños y usuarios sobre la importancia de la asociatividad de los individuos para generar condiciones de bienestar y calidad de vida. Adicional a lo anterior, las cooperativas permiten desarrollar la mayor participación de los usuarios en todas las formas democráticas permitidas por el modelo cooperativo y la autogestión de la forma empresarial.

Desde la forma cooperativa, los individuos asociados logran participar democráticamente en todos los procesos socioeconómicos desarrollados por la empresa y aprenden continuamente conceptos, técnicas y herramientas de gestión que les permiten administrar eficiente y legítimamente su organización.